Sintaxis: inseparable to sum.1 to summarize resumir; hacer un resumen To sum up, I would recommend stronger measures in the fight against climate change.
This is the diagram of all the main components of taula amiga farm table.
R.- Estamos muy orgullosos con el proyecto Psonríe.
Sintaxis: intransitive Sinónimos: to draw back; to pull out to pull for.1 to support apoyar a Who are you pulling for in the match?
Módulo AST para realizar las pruebas de implementación.Cuándo tienes que devolver los libros a la biblioteca?El olor del fuego todavía no ha desaparecido.Sintaxis: separable to tear down.1 to demolish or destroy derribar They are tearing down the mall to build an even bigger one.Today we have finished the cccb tool here in tarragona.Sintaxis: inseparable.2 to experience pasar; sufrir; experimentar I can't believe what you have been through.Last night a car ran into the shop down the street.

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Bueno, es más difícil, pero hay pruebas de que se puede hacer.
Sintaxis: separable Sinónimos: to shut off; to turn off Antónimos: to switch on; to turn on to switch.1 to give power to encender Switch on the lights please, I can't see anything.
Sintaxis: separable to pick up.1 to detect detectar The doctor didn't pick up on her symptoms.R.- Empezamos simplemente entrando en grupos de Psicología en Facebook y contactando con varios psicólogos.How did you hear about Smart City Hack?Vas a vengarte por engañarte?Esperamos verte este verano!Qué tan importante es escribir código comparado con revisar código o con encontrar un error?

Sintaxis: inseparable to mess about around.1 to joke or tease; to not be serious or to treat someone badly tomar el pelo a; bromear; perder el tiempo Don't take it so seriously, I'm just messing around with you.
Sintaxis: inseparable to take.1 to fill or occupy space or time ocupar The table takes up too much space in the kitchen so we moved it to the dining room.