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I do believe it was someone trolling through those photos who reported it (rather than someone on my friends list).
This photo was in my private photo album (set to "friends only" for viewing but I also posted it to the milc event page.
It's a heart-warming indication of why banning images like this is thoughtless.
"What I love about this whole thing is that I didn't realize just how passionate I was about breastfeeding until now!
Then again, my baby is only 3 months old-maybe the nasty looks will be more frequent when she gets to being toddler age and more people think it's 'weird.' "My personal newsfeed right now consists almost entirely of things relating to breastfeeding."I had this in an album called Breastfeeding, with one other picture-which was left alone."I took both descuentos vips 2018 of them myself, lol.Banned December 29, 2008 Morgan Gallagher found this on the Internet, doing image searches.My experience is that pregnancy photos cause more outcry." This photo was shown censored on ABC TV's Good Morning America program (in the USA) on January 3, 2009.3 Photos from Chelle Geden "I too was 'reprimanded' by Facebook on December 29, 2008 for a breastfeeding photo.We posted most of the photos at the same height.Zásady ochrany osobních údaj, quickvotes pouívá web Toluna k vyjádení svého názoru a k získávání skvlch odmn.I posted this health education poster in my profile, during the protest.Although it claims to support breastfeeding, Facebook demeans and disparages it and women by telling them that their "whole breasts" (meaning nipples and areolas, actually) are always "obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit." These photos must then all be examples of child pornography!And it doesn't cost a thing." Morgan Gallagher adds: "That Facebook can delete infact's own promotional material just goes to show how unthinking this company.

About a woman breastfeeding unclothed?
"The photo was deleted by FB on December 28, 2008, under the pretense that my posting it thus renders Facebook "unsafe for children." "As an aspiring midwife and a tireless advocate for the rights of childbearing/-rearing women, I run a lively discussion group on Facebook.
No way!" Drinks cheerily.
This photo of hers was banned by Facebook in early November 2008.At least ABC doesn't call the three photos it took from this site obscene.Emma is a major force for women's, mothers and breastfeeders' rights.Motorization 550 W, maximum speed 13 km/h, range 8-13 km battery.Photographs on this site are not casa regala daneza to be reproduced in any location or in any medium or format without the prior consent of the owner of the photograph, except as permitted by law.If you are offended, don't look!Here's what this little guy's mother (Anne Hinze) wrote as a caption for it: "Yes, this is a nipple.It makes lively reading (in Spanish).I have my photos and my profile both set so that only friends can see them.